Lab Facilities & Desk Space


​34’ x 34’ - Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 (annex), storeroom - cement floors, work tables, uninsulated, hot and cold lake water

Trilab Exterior


Boathouse, Upper Level: 24’ x 36’ - Main lab, Rear lab - wooden floors, work tables, uninsulated, cold lake water

Boathouse, Lower Level: Boat Slip, warm-up shower for divers, open storage

Boathouse Exterior

Brown Lab

Brown Lab, Ground Level: 20’ x 50’ - North, Middle and South Sections – allows variable floor plan - tile over cement floor, side benches, work tables, insulated with electric baseboard heating , hot and cold well water (unavailable in winter), chemical storage cabinets

Brown Lab, Upper Level: Classroom/Conference Room, 3 rooms with desk space - tile over wooden floors, work tables, insulated with electric baseboard heating, no water supply, collections room

Brown Lab Exterior

White House

White House: Basement lab - cement floor, work tables, insulated with forced-air oil heating, hot and cold well water, microbalance workstation, specimen freezer

White House Basement Exterior

Lakefront Lab

Wooden floors, wood/glass aquaria, uninsulated

Lakefront Lab Exterior


North, Middle and South sections - cement floors, fibreglass/glass aquaria, insulated, lake and well water, compressed air

Aquarium Exterior

Storage Building

32’ x 60’ – loft space for general research equipment storage

Storage Building

Jessie V. Deslauriers Centre for Biology

Jessie V. Deslauriers Centre for Biology Exterior
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