Yuxiang Wang - Biography

YuxiangYuxiang Wang is an Associate Professor in Biology, cross-appointed to Environmental Studies at Queen’s University. His highly-collaborative research program has multiple facets including: 1. Better understanding the mechanisms that animals, primarily fish, use to achieve metabolic balance under different natural environment conditions and physiological states; 2. Characterizing the physiological mechanisms that fish use to cope with anthropogenic stressors (ecotoxicology); 3) Optimizing growth and rearing conditions for aquatic organisms (aquaculture); and 4) Exploring new ways to mitigate harmful algal blooms including UAV and eDNA. Dr. Wang is co-applicant on an ongoing initiative to develop new metabarcoding and digital PCR tools for monitoring aquatic diversity – funded by a New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) Innovation grant. He has taught an exchange China-Canada field course on human impacts in aquatic environments since 2005. 


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