eDNA Workshop Resources

Video clips

  • Short YouTube video on eDNA applications by Kellie Carim (eDNA Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Research Station's National Genomic Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation)

PDFs of some useful articles

  • Feng, W, Bulté, G, Lougheed, SC. 2020. Environmental DNA surveys help to identify winter hibernacula of a temperate freshwater turtle. Environmental DNA. 2: 200-209. | PDF |
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PeiwenProtocols & Manuals

  • to come

Useful journals

  • Environmental DNA (articles on eDNA that include ancient DNA, non-invasive sampling, diet analyses, metabarcoding, metagenomics, microbial ecology, and pathogen surveys)
  • Molecular Ecology Resources (articles on software, statistical and molecular advances, and novel molecular tools)
  • Methods in Ecology and Evolution (articles on phylogenetic analysis, statistical methods, conservation & resource management, theory, and novel lab and field methods)